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This week was rather uneventful for Chris and I. One highlight was that we went to our friends Richard and Ceridwen’s house for Halloween/Bday party for Richard. They always have an appropriate theme that ties in both holidays. This year, to celebrate his 42nd Bday the theme was Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy…I’m not familiar with this book/movie/tv show, but everyone was into it. We opted to arrive out of theme as “scary plug and socket.” Socket to me…I’m so energized…there were many puns. What makes it scary? I had to drink water all night. Watch out! We were best group costume until a Star Wars family arrived all did up. I’m proud to say all the materials were sourced directly from the Mewes gift wrapping closet and Chris’s alarm clock extension cord. So crafty.



The internets say the baby is the size of an apple. That’s starting to get significant! My bump is still fairly small. All my clothes still fit good. Really no symptoms yet that are holding me back. Although, I am asking Chris to carry the laundry basket…don’t want to risk a lower back strain. 🙂


Checking in

Greetings from Week 14…nothing new to report! Still feeling good, I can’t see any difference yet in my bump. I got to celebrate my news with good friends Laurel and Lana at Wise Acre in south Minneapolis. They are my good friends, and now my mom connection. They gifted me many books from their personal libraries which is fantastic. Lots of good reads about what to do after the baby is born. Not sure how I feel about “If These Boobs Could Talk”…it’s a little scary reading the funny tales from the rocker. The book has been passed on to moms-to-be throughout various circles of friends, so I’m happy to take ownership.

Day care shopping is ongoing. It is helping to see different sized centers in different locations, to get some perspective on what’s out there. It’s fun to see all the babies too! I think we are narrowing in on one downtown MPLS. It’s pretty convenient to where we live and our current office. Even when we move to new work facilities north of the city, a downtown local should work out.

We are new members of the Foxtail Farm winter CSA share. They have covered acreage to grow lettuce, broccoli, beans, other veggies all winter long. They also throw in homemade breads, jams, and soups. We’ll get a box every three weeks, so that should long enough in between boxes to use up all the goodies. We are excited for fresh veggies all winter while supporting organic farmers. Even if they are from WI. 🙂

I’ve always had ambition on the weekend to bake new things…lately I’m actually tacking action! My favorite find has been Blackberry Scones from this blog I found online. The recipe doubles nicely to 10 medium sized scones. Use fresh blackberries, cut in half. The icing drizzle is a must.

Here I am in my work wear. Can’t really tell unless you were looking!


Lucky 13

Chris and I took advantage of a beautiful Sunday today in Minneapolis to get a fire going and catch up on yard work. I also baked my first apple pie of the season….apples from the Mewes family tree in Woodbury and a touch of cinnamon sugar from Spice & Tea Co in Stillwater. I picked up a little packet during a foodie tour we went on about a month ago when my parents were in town. Looking forward to a piece of pie after (and let’s face it, before) dinner.

Chris spent 3 days last week with his dad camping and grouse hunting up north, a few hours from the city. Their trips seem to get more elaborate each year. Fine wine, cheeses, and steaks…double stack air mattresses and a tent that sleeps 10. I know they both look forward to the trip each year, it’s fun to have traditions like that. Mewes Men 2, but probably 20+ for the grouse as many got away.

I’m still feeling really good! Sleeping good, still no odd cravings or aversions. I’m starting to show when you see me in my yoga gear. People are starting to notice at work too. Work-wise though, it was a tough week last week. My department went through some aggressive lay-offs. I had good friends let go, people that sat right next to me. With the lay offs came some organizational changes that have put me in a new role. I’m lucky and thankful to still have a job, now the next few weeks will be about adjusting and moving forward. I’m keeping an open mind!

This week we will start touring some day care centers downtown. Turns out they each have openings…but not until Aug and Sept! I’ve heard you need to get on the wait list early. No kidding. Would love suggestions on FAQs we should ask, or advise in general when in comes to picking a day care.

Me and the baby at Week 13…what a peach!


Get your blog on…

Hello friends and family! I’ve decided to start a blog to share updates and progress with “the bean” (as we have been referring to the baby), Chris and I. You can expect to read a little bit about what we are up to, a little about how I’m feeling as the weeks progress, and of course news about the baby!

This week we have been sharing the news with friends and family. We had our first Dr. appt last week where we got a look at the baby. It’s so tiny right now, yet its little legs and arms were waving like crazy. It was great to see it because it makes it real! Otherwise I am feeling great. No morning sickness, no weird food cravings (though Chris thinks I’m eating eggs more than normal) yet, sleeping fine.

Big thanks to my mom for my first maternity top and little ‘coming soon’ frame. Love them both.


Week 11 Baby Pic

Common Questions Answered

Q: How far along are you? When’s your due date?
A: …12 weeks today! Due 4/22.

Q: Will you find out if it’s a boy or girl?
A: We are going to have the tech write done the sex, and then we’ll ‘open’ it for Christmas! I’m looking forward to this because my family will be in town for it.

Q: Have you decided the name?
A: Nope…work in progress. We will take suggestions especially if they are family names. So far finding a name that fits has been the hardest part.