Down time

This is the start of week 19…almost half way done! We have been taking advantage of the down time these past few weekends home, taking care of some house stuff and just taking it easy. We had a new railing installed upstairs last weekend, and yesterday Chris put the finishes on with a nice stain that matches the wood upstairs. It looks great. 🙂 Beyond house care, we’re looking forward to thanksgiving and traveling home to IN. Highlights will include a turkey day 5K my sister Meghan and I will run, and ‘shooting the circuit’ that Chris, my dad and some of the Frost family will embark on as they tour the trap shooting clubs in greater NW Indiana. Will be a good visit!



Today we took a trip to REI to test drive some strollers! I’ve had my eye on a B.O.B. and I think I convinced Chris that one of those is the way to go. We haven’t bought anything yet, but I’m thinking we should take advantage of the holiday deals for baby furniture and other bigger ticket items. As far as baby goes… I think I’m starting to feel it! I doesn’t feel like I would expect it to, apparently it’s still quite small. But it’s exciting to start to feel it move around. I looking forward to it getting more pronounced so Chris can start to feel it too. I go for my 20 week appt in early December. It will be cool to see it again! I’m asking that they write the sex down and seal it in an envelope so we can open it for Christmas. Hopefully they don’t slip and tell us.

Still feeling like a champ! Happy thanksgiving!



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