Arthur Cole Mewes

What should be my Week 34 blog, has ended up being Week 1 for sweet baby Arthur! Sooo much has happened in the past 5 days, and the be able to say how excited we are with how he’s doing feels amazing.

Thursday 3/6
I woke up to get ready for work, headed to the bathroom, and in the process of moving from one room to the other my water broke. We were in disbelief and really assumed it was something else or a false alarm. We called the Dr who said to head to the hospital triage to get looked at. We hastily packed a bag and off we went.

In triage they confirmed my water did break, and basically said I was not leaving the hospital. Whether it took 2 days of 2 weeks to deliver him. Yikes! I had a feeling given how fast things were going, it would be quick. And it was. I was in the room by 9am. I was contracting at that time but it was more like a dull ache. At 12:30 a switch flipped and I was really feeling them! At 2:00 I started pushing and Arthur Cole Mewes joined us at 2:22pm! I went without pain medication and I’m really glad I did. I think it has been a big part of my quick recovery and it also helped ensure Art didn’t have anything additional to deal with. Aside from the fact he came early, overall I’m proud of how great the delivery went and so thankful for Chris for being a wonderful husband and helping me through it. And he surprised me with a beautiful pair of earrings for a ‘push present!’ Arthur and I are so lucky to have him. 🙂

Chris carried Arthur to the NICU right away where they started him on a cpap machine to help with his breathing. They also started IVs and other precautionary things. But he was such a good breather they took him off the cpap 7 hrs later. He has been at 100% with his O2 ever since. He had a good first night. Chris and I spent time next to him which helped ease into the reality of it all.

Since delivery
Each day over the weekend was better then the previous! He increased his food intake each day. He was sleeping well. He actually started breast feeding for a little bit Sunday and was able to breath, suck, and swallow. This is not typical for a 33 weeker! He is so tiny, but everything about him is working as it should. Today, they removed his IV and he is done with light therapy. The big goals for him now before he can leave are to eat on his own for all his feedings, and regulate his body temp on his own. He gets pretty tuckered out breast feeding right now so I expect if will be a few more weeks until he graduates. He is working so hard!

…so that’s the quick story! I’ll share more about his progress and also pictures as I’m able.

APGAR Check, he was a 8-9


First bed in the NICU


Moved to the isolate bed Friday


Grandpa Bob brought Arthur Mr Moo!


Grandpa Bob and Grandma Linda’s first picture




The (excellent) nurse staff made him a little sign


He sleeps so great ‘skin to skin’ on Chris or I



One thought on “Arthur Cole Mewes

  1. Nancy Mewes says:

    Hi, Nicole….talked with Laura and she would like to come to see Artie Thursday around 5:00 if that works for you ..I will come with her.. will check back with you tomorrow to make sure that will be OK

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