1 Week Today!

Our little man is one week old today! He continues to do great. He is being fed 40ml milk at each feeding, and is able to nurse anywhere from 32 (typically his morning feedings) down to 15 (typically more in the afternoon after a hard days work!) Everyone is saying that kind of nursing is really uncommon for a baby his gestational age (34 weeks 2 days today). He knows what it will take to get outa here!

Here are pics from the past few days. We’ll start to dress him up when he moves to a crib soon.


Milk coma!


First visit with Aunt Kristin



His little hand is holding on tight



Sweet sleeper!



2 thoughts on “1 Week Today!

  1. Laura Wiegand says:

    So adorable! Josh and I are so happy that he is doing so well!

  2. Nancy Mewes says:

    just saw the newest pictures.. what a sweet, content looking baby boy….looking forward to holding him……If this still works for you , Nicole, I would like to come and see him on Sunday. the earlier time…I think you said 11:30, but will confirm things with you on Sat. if that is OK…Glad things are going so well…

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