To the crib!

Sunday night the moved Arthur to the crib! He is able to regulate his own temp, milestone 1 of 2 to going home. Eating is the remaining challenge and he is doing excellent. He was able to breath, suck, and swallow a couple days after he was born. Since then he had built up the stamina to nurse consistently throughout the day and take in 75% to 100%+ his prescribed intake of 40ml. He started bottle feeding Monday night while I was away. He needs to show he can take 50%+ orally in a 24 hr period over a few days. I don’t think this will be an issue. I’ll start staying overnight this week leading up to this weekend, when we can hopefully take him home.

We bought remaining items this week. Crib, dresser, other odds and ends. Chris assembled the crib tonight and it looks great! Artie’s room is coming together. We are both busy cleaning and organizing in the evening. We are so excited to get him home. šŸ™‚

Pictures from the past few days…thanks for all the well wishes!












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