Family visits

Lots of family visits this past week…
– Brother Rick and family, sister Laura and family
– Mike and Nancy were the first to officially babysit Saturday night while Chris and I went to his end of year ski patrol banquette. Chris was honored with a 10 year service award, and a First Aid Provider of the Year Award…Chris nominated me for the ‘angel’ award, given to a loved one that lets their patroller spend a lot of weeknights and weekends away at the ski hill. It was a lovely write up, very sweet for him to recognize me. 🙂
– My Dad is in town all week to visit and help my sister move into her new house!













One thought on “Family visits

  1. Linda Frost says:

    i had the word “pictures ” at the end of the text of baby mewes news,but no pictures? today will be a busy day for you and Arthur!  by 2 months ,hopefully, he will start sleeping longer stretches at night- even though you can keep telling yourself ,the sleep deprivation is only temporary….it is still so hard! he is so healthy because of you! no matter how long you nurse,you have given him a perfect start 🙂


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