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Two weeks old

Arthur has fit right into the Mewes household! Last Friday, when he came home, was a little jarring for him. But by Saturday I could see him get back into a similar eating/sleeping routine like we had at the hospital. His mellow attitude is still the case at home too. He only gets upset when mommy takes 15 mins to change his onesie. 🙂

He and I are still finding our feeding rhythm, but I’m confident it will figure itself out. He is doing great gaining weight though! I appear to have enough milk for triplets or something, so I’m working through getting my milk production to match his eating.
– 3/6 birth weight: 4 lb 12 oz
– Weight at discharge 3/21: 5 lb 2.2 oz
– Weight today 3/24: 5 lb 10 oz!

We just love him to pieces!

He gets two bottles of breast milk 2 times a day that we add extra calories and nutrition. So far he has no problem going from bottle to nursing.


Fresh and clean after his first bath at home!




Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Mike came by to visit




No me digas!