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1 month old!

Arthur is one month old! He was born 4 weeks ago today…though I should technically be marking his month milestones on the 6th each month. So, I jumped the gun, but will fix it next time. I love looking back and seeing how big he is getting…though he is still quite tiny compared to the other one month’ers I met this week at a mom/baby class. That’s ok, he will catch up. We enjoy too much the way he curls up on our shoulder or on our chest. Hopefully that doesn’t change as he gets bigger.

At one month Arthur likes…
-laying on my dad’s chest
-eating with mom
-staying up late…I’d rather sleep during the day then at night!
-burping…I like bicycle and pumping my legs, and going over mom/dad’s shoulder
-walks around the neighborhood and car rides
-being in public and being held by other people

Arthur dislikes…
-my crib, I prefer the pack and play in mom/dad’s room
-being gassy! It is quite uncomfortable and I require a lot of burping.

Thanks Grandma Linda for the great milestone stickers!!