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Get your blog on…

Hello friends and family! I’ve decided to start a blog to share updates and progress with “the bean” (as we have been referring to the baby), Chris and I. You can expect to read a little bit about what we are up to, a little about how I’m feeling as the weeks progress, and of course news about the baby!

This week we have been sharing the news with friends and family. We had our first Dr. appt last week where we got a look at the baby. It’s so tiny right now, yet its little legs and arms were waving like crazy. It was great to see it because it makes it real! Otherwise I am feeling great. No morning sickness, no weird food cravings (though Chris thinks I’m eating eggs more than normal) yet, sleeping fine.

Big thanks to my mom for my first maternity top and little ‘coming soon’ frame. Love them both.


Week 11 Baby Pic

Common Questions Answered

Q: How far along are you? When’s your due date?
A: …12 weeks today! Due 4/22.

Q: Will you find out if it’s a boy or girl?
A: We are going to have the tech write done the sex, and then we’ll ‘open’ it for Christmas! I’m looking forward to this because my family will be in town for it.

Q: Have you decided the name?
A: Nope…work in progress. We will take suggestions especially if they are family names. So far finding a name that fits has been the hardest part.