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Lucky 13

Chris and I took advantage of a beautiful Sunday today in Minneapolis to get a fire going and catch up on yard work. I also baked my first apple pie of the season….apples from the Mewes family tree in Woodbury and a touch of cinnamon sugar from Spice & Tea Co in Stillwater. I picked up a little packet during a foodie tour we went on about a month ago when my parents were in town. Looking forward to a piece of pie after (and let’s face it, before) dinner.

Chris spent 3 days last week with his dad camping and grouse hunting up north, a few hours from the city. Their trips seem to get more elaborate each year. Fine wine, cheeses, and steaks…double stack air mattresses and a tent that sleeps 10. I know they both look forward to the trip each year, it’s fun to have traditions like that. Mewes Men 2, but probably 20+ for the grouse as many got away.

I’m still feeling really good! Sleeping good, still no odd cravings or aversions. I’m starting to show when you see me in my yoga gear. People are starting to notice at work too. Work-wise though, it was a tough week last week. My department went through some aggressive lay-offs. I had good friends let go, people that sat right next to me. With the lay offs came some organizational changes that have put me in a new role. I’m lucky and thankful to still have a job, now the next few weeks will be about adjusting and moving forward. I’m keeping an open mind!

This week we will start touring some day care centers downtown. Turns out they each have openings…but not until Aug and Sept! I’ve heard you need to get on the wait list early. No kidding. Would love suggestions on FAQs we should ask, or advise in general when in comes to picking a day care.

Me and the baby at Week 13…what a peach!