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Checking in

Greetings from Week 14…nothing new to report! Still feeling good, I can’t see any difference yet in my bump. I got to celebrate my news with good friends Laurel and Lana at Wise Acre in south Minneapolis. They are my good friends, and now my mom connection. They gifted me many books from their personal libraries which is fantastic. Lots of good reads about what to do after the baby is born. Not sure how I feel about “If These Boobs Could Talk”…it’s a little scary reading the funny tales from the rocker. The book has been passed on to moms-to-be throughout various circles of friends, so I’m happy to take ownership.

Day care shopping is ongoing. It is helping to see different sized centers in different locations, to get some perspective on what’s out there. It’s fun to see all the babies too! I think we are narrowing in on one downtown MPLS. It’s pretty convenient to where we live and our current office. Even when we move to new work facilities north of the city, a downtown local should work out.

We are new members of the Foxtail Farm winter CSA share. They have covered acreage to grow lettuce, broccoli, beans, other veggies all winter long. They also throw in homemade breads, jams, and soups. We’ll get a box every three weeks, so that should long enough in between boxes to use up all the goodies. We are excited for fresh veggies all winter while supporting organic farmers. Even if they are from WI. 🙂

I’ve always had ambition on the weekend to bake new things…lately I’m actually tacking action! My favorite find has been Blackberry Scones from this blog I found online. The recipe doubles nicely to 10 medium sized scones. Use fresh blackberries, cut in half. The icing drizzle is a must.

Here I am in my work wear. Can’t really tell unless you were looking!