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This week was rather uneventful for Chris and I. One highlight was that we went to our friends Richard and Ceridwen’s house for Halloween/Bday party for Richard. They always have an appropriate theme that ties in both holidays. This year, to celebrate his 42nd Bday the theme was Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy…I’m not familiar with this book/movie/tv show, but everyone was into it. We opted to arrive out of theme as “scary plug and socket.” Socket to me…I’m so energized…there were many puns. What makes it scary? I had to drink water all night. Watch out! We were best group costume until a Star Wars family arrived all did up. I’m proud to say all the materials were sourced directly from the Mewes gift wrapping closet and Chris’s alarm clock extension cord. So crafty.



The internets say the baby is the size of an apple. That’s starting to get significant! My bump is still fairly small. All my clothes still fit good. Really no symptoms yet that are holding me back. Although, I am asking Chris to carry the laundry basket…don’t want to risk a lower back strain. 🙂