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Baby wants ice cream…

Week 17 is already here! According to online experts, the baby is about the size of an apple. I picture a Granny Smith with little arms and legs. 🙂 Last week I had check in at the Dr, stats are looking good:
– My weight gain, approx 3 pounds. Hard to believe when I look at my stomach! I’m not having any cravings yet, but baby seems to love ice cream.
– Baby heart beat was in the 140’s and very active when she was listening
– I don’t feel anything yet, but I do notice my stomach is a little harder and more round then previous weeks. I think I’ll be feeling movement any time!

Today was a bedroom overhaul day. We have two bedrooms upstairs. The guest room primarily serves as my closet and dressing room… it will become the baby room, and we will have to share. It will be tight, but a crib, changing table, and a rocker should fit. The room is currently painted a pretty light aqua so that will stay as is. Boy accent colors will be easy, girl accent colors like purple and even pink should look good too. As we moved furniture around in the master bedroom, Surfer seemed a little perturbed that we would be messing with her perch in front of the window on, of course, my side of the bed. Alas her view remains unobstructed.

Chris and I are taking advantage of the past few weekends home. Chris has finished up prepping the outside for winter. He also continues to zero in on his craft brewing hobby. He tells me they are quite tasty and everyone that tastes one agrees. I’m reading some pre and post baby books, as well as staying pretty consistent with jogging, walking, and yoga classes. We are taking advantage of our free time!

Our parents have both been busy these past weeks! Bob and Linda did a road trip to Nashville for a belated 35th wedding anniversary vacation. The took in the sights and country sounds of the city and had a great time. Nancy visited family in Puerto Rico where she worked on her tan and got her relax on; Mike stayed busy and even came over for dinner set our house one night. I was telling Chris today….we are already putting so much time, thought and love into planning for the baby, and it’s crazy to think how long it will take for him or her to truly understand that! We love and are so thankful for our parents and for raising such great kids. 🙂

Something is dancing like crazy in my stomach right now…but I’m suspicious it is a reaction to the cabbage rolls Chris made for dinner. Man they were good!

Back by popular demand, bump shot. I’m pre yoga so I’m looking a little raw…great class though!