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These pants are great…

Pregnancy pants! These are great. Just this week I finally had to trade in my normal pants for some high wasted numbers. I’m told I’ll get tired of them, but so far I’m just happy to have a little more room for the belly. Tops are still fitting fine. Turns out I have a lot of ‘on trend’ baggie tops that work well. I’m also soooo thankful for the tub of pregnancy clothes my good friend Bobbie dropped off last week. Great sweaters, a puffy vest, jeans, so wonderful to have a ton of starter clothes. Especially since I have to dress up for work.

In unrelated news, our winter timeshare bat is back in our bedroom wall. This is year three. We heard it for a few nights last week, on the coldest nights so far. Tap tap tap on the heat register. Ekkk! It’s lose-lose for me too because we let Surfer in to protect us, and she ends up circling my head in the middle of the night or licking my nose. Chris is ok with this arrangement but I am not. So as of this week, Surfer is out and the bat seems to be back asleep. You can see the wall and heat register in the picture. I’d support opening up the wall and doing some bat removal, but we’d rather just deal and hope it’s not putting on a show when we go to sell (hopefully fall 2014). Unless it gets out, then we are going in.

Nothing else much new to share. Baby is moving a little but nothing consistent yet. Still sleeping good, getting to yoga a few times a week. We are looking forward to Xmas eve with the Mewes/Gessler family, and having the Frost family in town this Saturday for a little less than a week. Weather here has been cold and snowy, but Chris is putting our snowblower to good use for us and nearby neighbors. Otherwise we are doing great and looking forward to the new year!