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1 hr backrub? Please and thank you!

We are kicking off week 26! Close to the end of the second trimester. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by so far.

I’m still doing well check ups which are every four weeks, soon it will turn into every two weeks. When I went in recently the baby was doing great, heart rate in the 120’s, my stomach ‘arch’ measured 26 cm which tends to tie out to the week you are at. That was a crazy fact I learned, I’m glad I’m measuring on par. Next time I go in I need to ask about his position and if he is still breech. I’m told he’ll flip on his own, but if there is anything I can do to motivate him I will. Share any tips/tricks if you have them! My current thought is to ask Chris to talk to him softly near the bottom of my belly, but I don’t see that being very effective.

Chris and I are recent graduates of our Birthing Class, put on by the Amma Parenting center! What a day! We opted for the crash course 8 hr class…I recommend that and the Amma center itself. The first half of the day was all about the phases of labor, expectations for pain and tools to manage it, and when to go to the hospital. One of the aspects I liked was we saw a video of a birth with no meds, a birth with an epidural, and a birth that ended in a c-section. It was good to see the different perspectives.

My favorite part of class was when the instructor compared the labor process to climbing a mountain! Could there have been any better analogy to use to keep Chris’s attention? Tips included:
– Picking your climbing team, location, gear and route is like the work you put into taking classes, picking providers, and making your birth plan
– Training for the climb is like the research you do on what to expect and practice you do for pain mgmt
– When you climb you focus on the next step to get you to the top….in labor you focus on the next contraction to get you to the baby!
– Don’t tell her to go faster! He made this mistake a few years back when he, I and our friends Phil and Lana went out to Glacier National Park. Day one was very tough for me, and he said I’d be in less pain over the duration if I went faster. Tears! Great trip in hindsight though.

The second half focused more on medicated delivery pros/cons, and got into a bit about what to expect after he is born.The icing on the cake was the last hour of class was all about breathing and relaxing techniques. Hello 1 hr backrub! Awesome. I left class feeling so happy to have Chris help me through this.

Here is a 26 week shot in my work dress, sans jacket. I think I can squeeze a few more weeks out of my dresses before the zipper can no longer zip!