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Hello 3rd Trimester

So cold! What a weekend for Chris, Phil, and Ari to head waaaay north for a winter camping adventure. They have all the gear and the attitude to tough it out. And as of this post I know they made it out of the woods back into civilization, all in one piece. I’m perfectly happy having spent this weekend indulging in a spa treatment, spending time at a friends place Saturday night, and prenatal yoga with my friend Laurel today. A nice way for us both to blow off some steam with friends, after making it through layoffs at Target this past week. These have been rumored for months now, given how soft sales have been in the 4th quarter. We are happy to have made it through!

Last weekend I got to snowshoe twice, once with Kristin and once with Chris. Theodore Wirth Park has excellent offerings, they let you walk all over the front and back 9. Lots of x-country skiers around too, it’s a fun atmosphere. I recommend it! It’s a great way for me to stay active, while I still can without falling forward.

I’m lucky I’m feeling so good still. I’m noticing I’m starting to get a little more of the prego waddle. He still isn’t kicking or moving all the time. I mainly notice it in the morning or the evening. I am getting a heartburn at night but I seem to be able to combat it with water and tums. Ice cream helps too. 🙂

Happy to be 2/3 the way through! We are excited for him to get here 🙂