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Artist for hire

Good Dr visit today! I’ll start going in every two weeks till I get to 36 weeks. We went over normal well check Q and A. You’ll see I provided a detailed illustration of the possible positions baby can be in…I included the mini-bangs I got at my recent haircut to make the pictures more lifelike. (Meghan, if you are ever looking for help with your graphics design freelance work, clearly I am very qualified).

– Heartbeat was ~140, reading under my left lung. She said this is the expected placement of the heartbeat if I’m feeling the majority of movement on my right side. So that was cool to hear.
– Baby does not have a lot of fat yet and a butt could feel like an elbow, so it is still hard to determine placement. Baby could be heads down or heads up. She won’t worry about his placement until Week 36 so I won’t either! We are thinking he could be in one of two positions:
* If baby’s feet are down, his head would be near my left lung and hands would be punching my right lung/side area
* If Baby’s head is down, his butt would be near my left lung and feet would be kicking my right lung/side area. I feel the most movement under my right lung right now…I’m speculating it’s his feet knocking me.
– She said my belly measured 29 cm’s, right in line with expectations, my belly is ‘tiny’ so I’m holding a lot of him internally. Also nice to hear!


I’ve been basically able to keep on doing the types of activities I did early on. It helps to have a great husband that takes care of the house along with me. And he cooks so he gets double points. 🙂 At 29 weeks, I’m still doing vinyasa style yoga twice a week, no issues walking or snowshoeing. I don’t have any crazy pains and I haven’t had issues with swelling. I am starting to periodically hit my belly on door frames though. 🙂