1 month old!

Arthur is one month old! He was born 4 weeks ago today…though I should technically be marking his month milestones on the 6th each month. So, I jumped the gun, but will fix it next time. I love looking back and seeing how big he is getting…though he is still quite tiny compared to the other one month’ers I met this week at a mom/baby class. That’s ok, he will catch up. We enjoy too much the way he curls up on our shoulder or on our chest. Hopefully that doesn’t change as he gets bigger.

At one month Arthur likes…
-laying on my dad’s chest
-eating with mom
-staying up late…I’d rather sleep during the day then at night!
-burping…I like bicycle and pumping my legs, and going over mom/dad’s shoulder
-walks around the neighborhood and car rides
-being in public and being held by other people

Arthur dislikes…
-my crib, I prefer the pack and play in mom/dad’s room
-being gassy! It is quite uncomfortable and I require a lot of burping.

Thanks Grandma Linda for the great milestone stickers!!






Lazy Sunday







Packing on the o-z’s

Big day today! It was our first venture out of the house to his first check up. He now weighs 6 lb 2 oz. Yeah! He slept the whole way there, was great in the doctor office, and slept the whole way home. My only obstacle was trying to get the car seat out of the car. Thank goodness for phones with the internet and youtube.

I’ve had a steady stream of visitors this week! It’s been fun to introduce him to friends and family. Looking forward to warmer weather so we can get outside.









Two weeks old

Arthur has fit right into the Mewes household! Last Friday, when he came home, was a little jarring for him. But by Saturday I could see him get back into a similar eating/sleeping routine like we had at the hospital. His mellow attitude is still the case at home too. He only gets upset when mommy takes 15 mins to change his onesie. 🙂

He and I are still finding our feeding rhythm, but I’m confident it will figure itself out. He is doing great gaining weight though! I appear to have enough milk for triplets or something, so I’m working through getting my milk production to match his eating.
– 3/6 birth weight: 4 lb 12 oz
– Weight at discharge 3/21: 5 lb 2.2 oz
– Weight today 3/24: 5 lb 10 oz!

We just love him to pieces!

He gets two bottles of breast milk 2 times a day that we add extra calories and nutrition. So far he has no problem going from bottle to nursing.


Fresh and clean after his first bath at home!




Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Mike came by to visit




No me digas!


Home sweet home

We are home! Turns our there is more to get ready! Holy cow…more to come. 🙂

Grandma Nancy came by Thursday for a visit. Two weeks old!




Going home pictures!







To the crib!

Sunday night the moved Arthur to the crib! He is able to regulate his own temp, milestone 1 of 2 to going home. Eating is the remaining challenge and he is doing excellent. He was able to breath, suck, and swallow a couple days after he was born. Since then he had built up the stamina to nurse consistently throughout the day and take in 75% to 100%+ his prescribed intake of 40ml. He started bottle feeding Monday night while I was away. He needs to show he can take 50%+ orally in a 24 hr period over a few days. I don’t think this will be an issue. I’ll start staying overnight this week leading up to this weekend, when we can hopefully take him home.

We bought remaining items this week. Crib, dresser, other odds and ends. Chris assembled the crib tonight and it looks great! Artie’s room is coming together. We are both busy cleaning and organizing in the evening. We are so excited to get him home. 🙂

Pictures from the past few days…thanks for all the well wishes!











1 Week Today!

Our little man is one week old today! He continues to do great. He is being fed 40ml milk at each feeding, and is able to nurse anywhere from 32 (typically his morning feedings) down to 15 (typically more in the afternoon after a hard days work!) Everyone is saying that kind of nursing is really uncommon for a baby his gestational age (34 weeks 2 days today). He knows what it will take to get outa here!

Here are pics from the past few days. We’ll start to dress him up when he moves to a crib soon.


Milk coma!


First visit with Aunt Kristin



His little hand is holding on tight



Sweet sleeper!


Arthur Cole Mewes

What should be my Week 34 blog, has ended up being Week 1 for sweet baby Arthur! Sooo much has happened in the past 5 days, and the be able to say how excited we are with how he’s doing feels amazing.

Thursday 3/6
I woke up to get ready for work, headed to the bathroom, and in the process of moving from one room to the other my water broke. We were in disbelief and really assumed it was something else or a false alarm. We called the Dr who said to head to the hospital triage to get looked at. We hastily packed a bag and off we went.

In triage they confirmed my water did break, and basically said I was not leaving the hospital. Whether it took 2 days of 2 weeks to deliver him. Yikes! I had a feeling given how fast things were going, it would be quick. And it was. I was in the room by 9am. I was contracting at that time but it was more like a dull ache. At 12:30 a switch flipped and I was really feeling them! At 2:00 I started pushing and Arthur Cole Mewes joined us at 2:22pm! I went without pain medication and I’m really glad I did. I think it has been a big part of my quick recovery and it also helped ensure Art didn’t have anything additional to deal with. Aside from the fact he came early, overall I’m proud of how great the delivery went and so thankful for Chris for being a wonderful husband and helping me through it. And he surprised me with a beautiful pair of earrings for a ‘push present!’ Arthur and I are so lucky to have him. 🙂

Chris carried Arthur to the NICU right away where they started him on a cpap machine to help with his breathing. They also started IVs and other precautionary things. But he was such a good breather they took him off the cpap 7 hrs later. He has been at 100% with his O2 ever since. He had a good first night. Chris and I spent time next to him which helped ease into the reality of it all.

Since delivery
Each day over the weekend was better then the previous! He increased his food intake each day. He was sleeping well. He actually started breast feeding for a little bit Sunday and was able to breath, suck, and swallow. This is not typical for a 33 weeker! He is so tiny, but everything about him is working as it should. Today, they removed his IV and he is done with light therapy. The big goals for him now before he can leave are to eat on his own for all his feedings, and regulate his body temp on his own. He gets pretty tuckered out breast feeding right now so I expect if will be a few more weeks until he graduates. He is working so hard!

…so that’s the quick story! I’ll share more about his progress and also pictures as I’m able.

APGAR Check, he was a 8-9


First bed in the NICU


Moved to the isolate bed Friday


Grandpa Bob brought Arthur Mr Moo!


Grandpa Bob and Grandma Linda’s first picture




The (excellent) nurse staff made him a little sign


He sleeps so great ‘skin to skin’ on Chris or I


Work shower

This week I had some girlfriends at work throw a work shower for me, very sweet! People on my team put in for a group gift to get a couple things off my registry. I also got some really sweet boy clothes and a “gift for mom,” a bottle of wine from another good work friend! It was so nice. Makes me excited for my shower coming in a few weeks, and my family in town to boot!

Later today we are going to assess the feng shui of the baby room and do some rearranging. We need to fit a yet to be purchased crib and dresser. Once we get those items I’ll feel better about fitting everything in. It will be a tight fit but should work.

Otherwise 32 weeks still feels great! We are anxious to see him!


Knucks from the womb

31 weeks! I’m blogging today from my weekend coffee shop Spyhouse Coffee NE where I get my doses of vitamin c (croissant and caffeine, both in moderation). I highly recommend their Mexican Mohca…mocha with a dash of cayenne pepper and honey. I’d say take any chance you have to get a spicy mocha, as they are commonly referred to at coffee chains or independents, if you are looking for something a bit different with a kick.

Thought I’d share what the interwebs have to say about the babes, going into week 31:

This week, your baby measures over 16 inches long. He weighs about 3 1/3 pounds (about the size of a coconut) and is heading into a growth spurt. He can turn his head from side to side, and his arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath his skin. He’s probably moving a lot, too, so you may have trouble sleeping because your baby’s kicks and somersaults keep you up. Take comfort: All this moving is a sign that your baby is active and healthy.

I think I’m to a point where I can start to predict his movement patterns. He doesn’t keep me up at night, but when I wake up to flip over he tends to stir and kick a little. He likes to kick when I lay on my side…but kick sounds forceful, and it really doesn’t feel that hard yet. Knucks from the womb, maybe. He’s not kicking around soccer balls. It more like when you give your friend a nudge on the arm and say “stop…it!” when you think they are telling you a tale. Yep, feels like that 🙂 It is a reassuring feeling.

The baby room vision is still being executed on. There isn’t really a theme, more like playing up the aquas, greens, yellows that where already in place. I tend to lean towards forest animals if you were to ask…it’s not intended to be a nod to owls by any means, but that seems to be the prevailing character and gosh there are cut owl things out there! We still need the crib and table/dresser, but we are close.

VDay was just another day at the Mewes house. We worked and went out for our favorite pizza. We’ll do a nice dinner in a few weeks to celebrate Chris finishing his senior ski training coursework, and to cheers us and how well things are going to date.

And….an unexpected turn of events has us putting my condo on the market hopefully starting March! Let’s add some complications to the next few months, eh? Actually it will be a little miracle if we can sell in the next 6 months. My renter bought another place, but of course will honor the lease (up and of August) until I sell. The idea of not needing to carry two mortgages is so great. Cross your fingers and tell your friends!

VDay Selfie